14 Times The New Spider-Man Clip Made Us Wish We Were Superheroes

Every 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' moment that made us cheer.

We knew Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) was the sort of superhero who saves people. But as revealed during the MTV Movie Awards exclusive "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" clip, Spidey saves everyone.

In fact, the clip — which takes place during the Spider-sequel's blockbuster Times Square showdown with villain Electro (Jamie Foxx) — was so epic, it made us wish we were superheroes, too.

Here's every moment that made us yearn to put on tights of our own:

He's Got Fans

Spider-Man knows how to attract a crowd, including his stunning girlfriend good friend it's complicated buddy, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

He's Photogenic

Wouldn't you want to be broadcast on every screen in Times Square? Electro would, but it's Spidey who's commanding the round-the-clock coverage.

He's Calm

How do you react under pressure? Like, the sort of pressure that happens when an electrified maniac attacks the city? Regular people would crack; but superheroes try to calm down the villain... A tactic that's even more powerful than fighting.

He's Electric

Okay, this is more of a villain moment; but how cool is Electro using the grates in Times Square to conduct his evil-lectricity? Okay confession: we'd kind of like to be a super villain, too.

He's Got Flips

Check out that awesome back flip over an explosive cop car. We only wish we had moves like that.

He's Got Web Shooters

Even with one down, we want to be able to shoot sticky webs out of our wrists like Spidey. Add in his Spider-Sense, which alerts him to danger, and you have a life-saving combo. Speaking of Spider-Sense...

He Sees Danger Before It Happens (Part 1)

Check out that electrical surge, about to do away with a lady on New York's TKTS booth...

He Sees Danger Before It Happens (Part 2)

Now check out that dude on the other side of the booth. Nobody could save both of them at the same time, right?

He's Resourceful

Only have one functional web shooter? That's no problem for the amazing Spider-Man. For the rest of us, sure; but then, we also don't have web shooters.

He's Good At Catch

Oh, so that's what that web split was for. Side note: that old guy's face would involve a lot more sobbing if it was us, so he's a superhero, too.

He Knows How To Whip It...

Backflip while creating a web whip to save an unsuspecting citizen? No problem!

...Whip It Real Good

A second web whip while still doing the exact same backflip? Still no problem!

He Saves Everyone

Not just a building full of people, or one person here and there: when Spider-Man is around, no one dies. And that's what heroes are, right?

He Can Strike A Pose

Take that hero moment, Spider-Man. You deserve it.