8 Crazy Facts About Nicki Minaj's Maybach 62S

Rapper arrives at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in serious — and seriously expensive — automotive style.

OK, we're not normally car obsessives but c'mon: Was Nicki Minaj's ride to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards sick or what? The rapper took to the red carpet in seriously impressive (and expensive) style by catching a ride in one of the fanciest cars around: the Maybach 62S. And in case you didn't know, this car is one tricked-out ride.

The 62S — which commands a starting price of just under $500,000, so buy one for you and grab a second for your bestie! — was recently purchased by rapper Tyga for a cool $2.2 million. What does that sort of cash get you? Well, quite a lot of tricked-out accoutrements.

Nicki Minaj Was The Queen Of The Movie Awards Red Carpet

1. A day in the backseat of this car will cost more than a month's rent for a NYC studio. For a measly $2,199, you could pretend to be a boss Harajuku Barbie.

2. There are two screens in the backseat because everybody needs multi-screen options. This is 2014 ... duh!

3. Need to throw some shade (on yourself)? There are curtains in the car. Like actual, made-of-fabric curtains.

4. The car also has a panoramic sunroof, in case you prefer your vitamin D dispersed in widescreen format.

5. Wanna lean back, even when you're in the back? No problem here, because the rear seats fully recline.

6. Post-manicure rides are a breeze thanks to the automatic self-closing doors.

7. The car's external communication system (which includes a loudspeaker and microphone, natch) makes communicating with randos on the street a breeze.

8. The Maybach 62S is no place for a rearview-mirror pine tree — how gauche! — so the auto has a perfume atomizer with custom Swiss-made scents for pure, olfactory bliss.