Jared Leto Took A Helicopter To The Movie Awards

Will he accept his potential award from a helicopter, too?

Just yesterday (April 12), we asked which Jared Leto would show up to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. Would it be pretty boy Jordan Catalano? Long-haired Leto from the Oscars? Turns out, it's the Jared Leto who arrives by frickin' helicopter:

The multitalented performer was taking the transportation from Coachella, where he was attending shows, rather than performing as lead singer of Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Despite not having to do a show, Leto jumped into a helicopter in order to make it to the Movie Awards on time. He had planned on seeing performers Arcade Fire, but instead took his dusty clothes and boots, threw them into a duffel bag and climbed aboard.

Would he make it? As of press time, it was unclear, though he was begging host Conan O'Brien to hold him through the turbulence: