'Mad Men' Premiere? Don Draper's Watching The Movie Awards Instead

'Mad Men' may be premiering tonight too, but here's why we think Don's not watching.

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards are mere hours away. As is, we're well aware, the season seven premiere of "Mad Men." And while you may be tempted to watch Don Draper's life continue to unravel, we think the embattled Sterling Cooper & Partners exec is likely opting to watch our celebration of all things outrageous.

Need proof? See below.

Host Conan Obrien agrees: That Best Kiss nominee "is more beautiful than a sunset and a sunrise combined."

Congrats, Jim Carrey, you've just won the respect of one of the most powerful men in New York.

... Or if you don't like what's being seen.

Or does everyone just want to be Matthew McConaughey?

(We still think Don and Alien would make great drinking buddies.)