Watch The Rock's Super Creepy Matthew McConaughey Impression

Get a taste of the awesomeness, then see the whole thing during the Movie Awards pre-show.

There'll be plenty of hijinks on the red carpet before the big show, but to tide you over until then, we have a very special sneak peek of the off-the-wall MTV Movie Awards edition of After Hours.

How does Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson doing his best Matthew McConaughey impression, Tony Hale with his pants off, Brooklyn Decker and Bella Thorne, all in one fantastic video all together, sound? Amazing? Crazy? Real? All of the above.

You'll have to wait until the Movie Awards pre-show, beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET tonight, to see all the shenanigans, but rest assured, there are plenty of fun surprises in store for you.

What other awards show can offer you the adorableness of puppies dressed as characters from the year's biggest movies?

Yes, that's a puppy dressed as Alien (James Franco's cornrowed character with board shorts in every color) from "Spring Breakers." Yes, it is amazing. Yes, there are even more puppies.

There's so much amazingness in store for tonight's pre-show, hosted by MTV News' Josh Horowitz and Christina Garibaldi, alongside pop star Zendaya and "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey, that we can't even tell you about all of it. From exclusive movie clips ("The Fault In Our Stars," anyone?) to mind-blowingly cute puppies and all your favorite stars, the MTV Movie Awards pre-show has it all. Be sure to tune in.