Taylor Swift Won't Be Smooching Zedd Anytime Soon -- Sorry, Dude

The EDM superstar would have to stand tippy-toe to kiss Tay Tay.

Zedd has got his 2014 MTV Movie Awards performance all figured out. He'll be backing up Ellie Goulding for her "Divergent" soundtrack song "Beating Heart" and then performing his own "Divergent" joint, "Find You," with Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

We have a few suggestions for his performance, but it seems like he has everything mapped out. However, when we asked him to stage-dive, we might've changed his mind. But who would he fall on? Lupita? Brad Pitt? Channing?

"I think the good thing is that I'm so light that whoever that is there will catch me," the petite-sized Zedd told MTV News. "Chances that will go right are good. Who will catch me? Mila Kunis. She can catch me. Maybe a finger of Katy on the right. A finger of Taylor on the left. I think that's a good move. Maybe we could arrange the seats a little bit."

We'll see what we can do, Zedd, but hate to break it to you, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift aren't going to be there. They're off writing new music and touring.

What The F--k Will Happen At Zedd's Movie Awards Performance?

Zedd couldn't get his mind off Swift. Next, we hypothetically asked him who would be his partner if he was nominated in the Best Kiss category. His answer? You guessed it.

"Taylor Swift. Why? Because I think it would look good if I tried to get up there," he said. "I think that would look really good on camera."

And then we talked about pizza.