#TylerUnleashed: Control Tyler Posey's Every Move During Movie Awards

Fans can tweet to have 'Teen Wolf' star do insane stunts starting with Red Carpet Pre-Show.

Hey "Teen Wolf" fans: want to control star Tyler Posey's every move during the MTV Movie Awards? Now's your chance, as Posey will be T-Mobile's Movie Awards Rebel Correspondent throughout the Red Carpet Pre-Show, and big show itself.

What's a Movie Awards Rebel Correspondent, you might rightly ask? Throughout the pre-show and Awards fans can vote for what they want to see Posey do in certain situations by following @tylergposey on Twitter and voting for what stunts you want to see him do using #tylerunleashed.

To get things started, Tyler has already been rocking the rehearsals like crazy on Instagram. Hanging with Grumpy Cat...

Goofing off at his own trailer:

Making insane demands for incredibly expensive meals:

...And touching things he shouldn't be touching:

Though the specifics of what Tyler may or may not be doing during the show will be rolled out live, fans have already taken to Twitter to let the star know what should happen.

We can't spoil anything, but there's a good chance this first one might come true:

This particular request probably won't happen — not because Tyler can't do it, but because we have to keep our star safe:

And our next request is just a little too mean. Let's keep things civil and fun, people, because that's what the Movie Awards are all about (also, movies):

This one is also a little too mean, but mostly because we've heard Tyler sing (just kidding):

On the other hand, the next suggestion is pretty amazing. Add our vote for this one:

You can follow — and control — every crazy move Tyler makes starting with the Red Carpet Pre-show at 8:30 p.m. ET. The Pre-Show is co-hosted by teen pop star Zendaya, Posey and MTV News' Josh Horowitz and Christina Garibaldi.

The fun doesn't stop there, as Posey will also be making mischief throughout the Movie Awards, with full access to backstage, the audience and the stage. That's right: not only Tyler, but also the entire fate of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards is entirely in your hands.