Conan O'Brien Talks About The Hemsworths You Haven't Met Yet

They're hunkier and sexier and cooler than Liam and Chris.

If you're a fan of handsomeness and well-developed pectoral muscles, we've got huge (biceps) news for you: There are more Hemsworth brothers that you don't even know yet.

At least, 2014 MTV Movie Awards host Conan O'Brien seems to think so. While telling MTV News who he was excited to see at Sunday night's awards extravaganza, O'Brien revealed that not only was he pumped to see "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" star Josh Hutcherson ("What's not to love about Josh Hutcherson?"), but that he might have some inside Hemsworth information.

"The Hemsworth gang," he said, continuing to name stars. "The Liam and the Chris and there's another one. Oliver? Nigel? Niles? Zurich. I know there's other Hemsworths that they're not telling us about."

Come again, Conan?

"There are Hemsworths we're not being told about that are hunkier and sexier and cooler than the Hemsworths that we have at this time," he revealed. "The government should come clean about the other Hemsworths. There are at least nine others."

If O'Brien knows about Project Hemsworth, there's literally no telling what other state secrets he might reveal at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. What else do we not know? Is Jennifer Lawrence secretly a vegan health nut? Oh, the horror.