Is Leonardo DiCaprio The New Jay Z?

MTV Movie Awards nominee Will Poulter thinks he might be.

Will Poulter may be nominated for three MTV Movie Awards this year for his performance in "We're the Millers," but come Sunday, he'll be stanning hard for one of his fellow Best Musical Moment nominees.

Asked by MTV News which other contender in the category he'd like to share a duet with, having earned his place on the list with a well-practiced rendition of TLC's "Waterfalls" in "Millers," Poulter easily ticked several of the contenders off his list: He thinks he'd let the Backstreet Boys down ("I can't really dance") and thinks Jennifer Lawrence would outshine him.

He would however, drop mad beats with the Wolf of Wall Street himself, Leonardo DiCaprio.

"Like Kanye and Jay Z, maybe something off the Watch the Throne album, something like that," Poulter said, fantasizing about what song they'd team up for. (And a note for the stagehands: We're only going to be needing one mic for this. Yeah, it's like that.)

"I think I'd be Jay if I could choose," he said. "But I'd let Leo choose. You know, It's Leonardo DiCaprio, he can choose. Like, it's him. I'll pick up whatever he's not taking."

More like Wolf of Baller Street, right? Right. What we're trying to say is: Leo, please call Will. We need to see this happen.