Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day With The Justin Brie-ber

The best holiday of the year just got even cheesier.

It's National Grilled Cheese Day, and that's the best news we've heard all year!

What sandwich is more worthy of a dedicated day of worship? None. The magical combination of melted cheese and toasted bread threatens to make angels cry. It's the food of Gods. Even Jesus himself dubbed the grilled cheese so holy that he imprinted his face upon it.

In honor of this day, we're taking the most-perfect of sandwiches and turning it up to epic levels of awesome. Things are about to get cheesy up in here.

1. The American Cheese Hustle

Jennifer Lawrence loves food. Food loves Jennifer Lawrence. It was a match so perfectly paired that the Gods of Food must pat themselves on the back for it every single day.

2. The Grilled Miley

No Miley sandwich would be complete without a reddish, wet object protruding from it. We salute you, grilled cheese with tomato, for so accurately representing the rebellion of our dear Miss Cyrus.

3. The Justin Brie-ber (With Egg)

Honestly, we don't know what business an egg has inside of a grilled cheese sandwich. It's downright criminal, and yet, excitingly risky.

4. The Mahomie Melt

Austin Mahone is so hot he can toast your bread with just one glance of his smoldering eyes. This cheesy goodness will melt in your mouth, not in your hand. MMM YEAH.

5. The Munster Cheese

I'm friends with the munster inside of my hand...

6. The Lorde & Taylor

Perfect for going halfsies with your BFF as you galavant around New York City and act altogether adorable.

7. The Grilled Yeezus

Also can be served on a croissant.

8. The Conan Cheese

The MTV Movie Awards host just stepped up his grilling game.