Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore Witness The Circle Of Life In Exclusive 'Blended' Clip

An animal sighting during a safari doesn't go as planned in this never-before-seen preview.

In the never-before-seen exclusive clip from "Blended," which just premiered during MTV Movie Awards Takeover, the characters played by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore learn the hard way that nature isn't always as cute as rom-coms. Sometimes the families eat each other.

The regularly paired romantic leads sat down with MTV News to talk about their third movie together, "Blended," which sends two separate families on the same African safari.

The title refers bringing together the two families into one unit, an idea their safari guide tries to apply to two lions and a baby bush pig. Let's just say that it doesn't work out as neatly as he might have hoped.

Sandler and Barrymore have been charming audiences together since 1998 when they starred in "The Wedding Singer." They reunited ten years ago for another rom-com collaboration, "50 First Dates."

The new clip premiered as a part of MTV Movie Awards Takeover, a weeklong series of interviews and clips dedicated to the upcoming summer movie season.

When we spoke with Sandler and Barrymore for Movie Awards Takeover, they shared their tips for the Best Kiss nominees, having won the award for "50 First Dates."

"It does so much for the kiss," Sandler said, suggesting that rainfall always makes a makeout better. "It tightens up the body. You feel chilly. You're cold. You're tight. Your nipples are way out there."

"Yeah," Barrymore said, "mine too!"