Watch Channing Tatum Hump A Dude's Leg In These #WTF Movie Awards GIFs

A drugged-up Leonardo DiCaprio also falls down some stairs

When it came to WTF moments, last year's movies did not disappoint.

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards nominees for #WTF Moment are all unique and insane. Cameron Diaz has relations with a car; Channing Tatum does the same with Danny McBride's leg; Will Ferrell gets pinched by a scorpion; Johnny Knoxville makes it rain on a pole-dancing, cross-dressing kid; and a drugged-up Leonardo DiCaprio has an excruciating collapse down a set of stairs.

These moments are so incredible visually, we thought we'd do the Internet a favor and take the most GIF-able moment from each to summarize just how insane the moments are. They will absolutely make you go, "WTF!"

Cameron Diaz Grinds On A Car, "The Counselor"

Diaz is the only Movie Awards nominee to simulate sex on a car. Javier Bardem's reaction is basically a stand-in for everyone who's watching: She's doing what now?

Channing Tatum Humps Danny McBride's Leg, "This Is the End"

One of the best surprises in "This Is the End" is when it's revealed that McBride has enslaved Tatum to be his personal gimp. Tatum takes to his new, submissive role quite well, as we find out when he starts humping McBride's leg, an image as hilarious as it is disturbing.

Scorpion Pinches Will Ferrell's Lips In Midair Car Crash, "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues"

"Anchorman 2" tried to top the first when it came to insane moments, and this one may have topped them all. As the gang's news van flips over, we see the flip in super slow-motion. While plenty of hilarious things happen, like various people getting hit by a rogue bowling ball, the most #WTF moment comes when a live scorpion flies through the air to pinch Will Ferrell's mouth. You stay classy, scorpion.

Johnny Knoxville Makes It Rain On Jackson Nicoll, "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa"

There were plenty of WTF moments in this movie, but this might take the cake, as the young Jackson Nicoll bumps and grinds during a child beauty pageant. The icing on that cake? Johnny Knoxville, in character as Bad Grandpa, goes onstage and makes it rain on Nicoll while he's dancing. It's all as WTF as it gets, and is just slightly more creepy than an actual child beauty pageant.

A Drugged Leonardo DiCaprio (Very Painfully) Falls Down Steps, "The Wolf Of Wall Street"

"The Wolf Of Wall Street" is three hours of madness, but when DiCaprio, as Jordan Belfort, gets high on Quaaludes, it takes a turn for the absolutely outrageous. The whole sequence exemplifies "you have to see it to believe it," but our favorite part is when DiCaprio, trying to get to his car, violently rolls down the steps of a posh golf club. We could watch this for days.