Conan O'Brien Tweets His 7 Most Terrifying Selfies: See 'Em Here

The MTV Movie Awards host tweets his mug in few interesting ways.

Conan O'Brien is known to get a little wacky, but when he took over the MTV Twitter account on Friday (April 11), things got out of hand — including the insane selfies the 2014 Movie Awards host was taking.

Of course, with a Conan Twitter takeover, I didn't expect anything normal, but they again, I didn't expect that he'd reveal the secret behind his luscious ginger locks. (Spoiler: his hair is carved from the "finest African mahogany.") Here's that mahogany mane at its finest... including some witty Q&A answers.

When @ale27marie asked if he owned any weird things, Conan nonchalantly mugged with this porcelain deer. No big deal — it's just something he has lying around.

With a strange celebrity comes equally as strange fans. So while Conan doled out some pretty weird answers, he was definitely getting random questions to begin with. His next delicious selfie came after @Kev_Pilar asked, "what's ur favorite oranges or carrots?"

Oh, yeah, those firm granny smiths. I know what you mean.

This next one Conan did all by himself. And it's sort of terrifying.

Look at him. He's soooo ready for the Movie Awards on Sunday. So ready, in fact, that's he's staring into my soul, begging me to come to the show. Can I have one of those tickets you're holding?

Speaking of terrifying, @che1seawe1sh asked him to growl like a wolf. And, well, that's what she got. The award for Scariest Canine Impression goes to...

"Be honest, what have u swiped from your dressing room (so far)?" @MrsSuzieQ asked, and next thing you know Conan's carrying out a bottle of honey. Why does he even have that?

Now for something more sultry. Or, again, terrifying. Depending how you look at it.

This picture demonstrates the exact reason there's that saying "be careful what you wish for." When @BexWright_ asked, "tweet me a selfie? :)" this is what she got.

K bye.