17 Reasons 'Veronica Mars' Fans Are The Best

You've got this whole Favorite Character category locked up, right, Marshmallows?

The vote is on for Favorite Character at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, and each day, we're featuring a different character, starting with the "Hunger Games" heroine Katniss and ending with "Star Trek's" Khan. Vote now in the social category and check back daily to see why your favorite character has the best fans.

She may be a bad-ass, mystery-solving, crime fighting, petite teen detective, but we all know that deep down, Veronica Mars is a marshmallow. And so are we.

Fans' devotion was not only enough to push "Veronica Mars" to victory in MTV's 2014 Movie Brawl, but it also did a little something we like to call bringing a long-canceled show back from the dead. Uh, we're impressed. Now, it's time for fans to put their clicking fingers where their mouth is and win the Favorite Character category at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. In case any additional convincing is needed, here are 17 reasons that Marshmallows are the absolute best fans in the world.

They Love Their Fandom So Much They Raised $5.7 Million To Bring It Back

They Would Totally Play 'Veronica Mars' Clue

Their Leading Lady Is So Dateable

The Stars Are In On The Joke

Only Marshmallows Can Get Veronica Mars To Stuff Her Face With, Well, Marshmallows

They Would Take Veronica In Any Genre Or Medium

They Play Nice With Other Fandoms

They Still Haven't Forgotten About Lilly

They're Not Afraid To Be A Bit Blunt

They Wear Their Love Around Their Necks

Their Fandom Has Its Own Official Theme Song

Even Their Favorite Characters' Names Have A Deeper Meaning

They Have The Most Quotable Insults To Choose From

They Recognize The Value Of Self Esteem

They Know When To Admit Defeat In The Face Of Superior Intellect

They Take Important Safety Pointers From Their Hero's Mistakes

They Thought Their Love Story Was Epic...And It So Is