'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Director Teases Huge Villain, 'Avengers 3' Clues

James Gunn reveals some juicy, villainous bits in a new interview.

With Marvel, everything is always connected. So it's no surprise that their newest film, "Guardians of the Galaxy," will have big tie-ins to future Marvel properties. In fact, it might have ties to the biggest.

"We're definitely connected to 'Avengers 3,' " director James Gunn says in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Gunn had already confirmed that Thanos, the famous Marvel villain who many suspect will be the big bad of "Avengers 3," will appear in the movie, though he will be entirely motion-captured in "Guardians" and there's no word on who's playing him yet.

Still, Gunn was able to describe him a little bit, saying that in the movie, Thanos acts as "the head of the snake."

Clearly, considering Thanos' appearances at the end of the first "Avengers" and in "Guardians," and given the fact that "Guardians" is connected to "Avengers 3," it doesn't seem to be a big jump to think that Thanos will be the main villain in "Avengers 3." Not only that, but considering that the mid-credits scene in "Thor: The Dark World" seemed to be setting up the "Infinity Gauntlet" storyline, it's a pretty good bet that the famous Thanos story from the comics will at least serve as some inspiration for the third film.

We'll find out all, or at least a lot, of the answers when "Guardians of the Galaxy" premieres on August 1.