Katy Perry's 'Birthday' Lyric Video Will Put You In A Sugar Coma: Watch

Let everyone eat cake.

Katy Perry is making us really, really hungry with the lyric video for her next Prism single, "Birthday." It features a whole mess of delicious-looking cakes that I would very much like to smash my face into — I mean, consume a dainty slice of (while rocking back and forth in ecstasy).

A colorful, jangly little video, "Birthday" boasts all the trappings of just that — streamers, jellybeans and lots and lots of frosting, which comes in handy when spelling out the song's innuendo-packed lyrics. Balloons, birthday suit, the cheery innocence of the jam certainly has some naughty bits.

The video — and song — are some of the sweetest fare we've seen/heard from Perry this album cycle, a kind of throwback in the midst of less airy jams like "Dark Horse" and "Roar." Looks like her "California Gurls"-era self is not fully dead and buried — despite that funeral.

Perry released some saucy single art for "Birthday" last Thursday, a retro affair featuring her and her sister at an old-fashioned birthday party back in the '90s. Given that and today's video release, I'm guessing we can except an official video presently.

Given the grandness of past Prism videos — Tarzan-themed "Roar," the Egyptian romp that was "Dark Horse" — I except no less than sugary confection perfection when it comes to "Birthday."

What do you think the official video will look like?