Beyonce Even Wakes Up Like That On Vacation: See The Pics

Singer posts adorable, perfect Dominican Republic getaway picks with Blue Ivy, Jigga.

Admit it. When your friends post all those lame, half-blurry pictures of their winter break trip to Cancun, you flip through them just long enough to pretend you looked the next time you grab lunch.

But when Beyoncé jets off to the Dominican Republic for some much-needed R&R after her grueling Mrs. Carter Show world tour, you know you want to see what was up. And, Bey being Bey, the shots are not just flawless, they're the kind of snaps you wish you could share from your vacation.

Here are 9 of our favorites:

1. Blue Ivy Chills By The Infinity Pool

2. Do These Glasses Make Me Look Amazing?

3. Blending In And Looking Like a Local

4. Yup, She Woke Up Like This #NoMakeup

5. And This

6. The Girls Take A Beach Stroll

7. Check Out The View

8. Dad Time!

9. Chilling By The Water