Zac Efron Endorses Batman Over Superman

And Seth Rogen would rather beat up Rose Byrne than Russell Crowe. Who knew?

In two years, moviegoers will witness one of the most anticipated superhero showdowns of all time: Batman versus Superman, in the still untitled "Man of Steel" sequel.

On paper, the outcome might seem obvious. How can any mere mortal hold a candle against the god-like Kal-El? Then again, Batman always has tricks up his sleeve, back-up plans for his back-up plans — and, most importantly, high-profile fans.

Ahead of the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, we sat down with the stars of the new comedy "Neighbors" for an all-day MTV Takeover, asking them about some of their controversial preferences in a friendly neighborhood game of "Would You Rather." When MTV's Josh Horowitz asked Zac Efron to weigh in on one of the most hotly-debated nerd-fights of all time — would you rather be Batman or Superman — Efron snapped back without skipping a beat:

"I'm Batman," he said in his best Christian Bale voice.

There you have it, folks: If Efron picks Batman over Superman, what's the point of even going forward with the "Man of Steel" sequel? The verdict is in!

Our game of "Would You Rather" unearthed some other interesting revelations, including one involving Superman's own father — or at least the man who plays him. Seth Rogen was asked who he would rather go up against in battle: "Man of Steel" veteran Russell Crowe, or Crowe's fellow Australian native (and Rogen's on-screen wife in "Neighbors"), Rose Byrne.

"Rose, easily," Rogen laughed, sitting right next to Byrne as he gave his answer. "I have 300 pounds on her!"

Even if Rogen would prefer to battle the "Bridesmaids" actress over Crowe, Byrne went much easier on her on-screen husband. Asked if she would rather have Rogen's beard or Rogen's voice, Byrne did the world a kindness and chose the beard.

"I wouldn't want to take that voice away from him," she reasoned.

Rogen offered another helpful suggestion for why picking the beard is the right way to go: "You could shave the beard away."

Point, Rogen.

"Neighbors" opens nationwide on May 9.