Every Amazing Moment From Our 'Hercules' Clip In GIFs

We break down the first clip from The Rock's new movie, and what it all means.

Have you watched the MTV Movie Awards Takeover clip for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's "Hercules" as many times as we have? If not, you might have missed some of the nuance we've seen on our 30 or so viewings of the Brett Ratner directed scene.

Here are our favorite bits you may have missed:

"Do I Look Afraid?"

No, The Rock. You don't. We're not quite sure what kind of character arc Hercules will have in the movie, but unlike some heroes we can mention we don't think it'll be dealing with being scared of using his superhuman powers.

You And What Army?

Oh, that army. "Hercules" isn't skimping on the man-power, as this clip just gives a tease of the massive armies at the title character's disposal.

We Ain't Lion

Is The Rock the only man alive who could put a lion's head on his own head and make it look awesome? Probably. Here's hoping we find out how he got it, and it doesn'tjust involve Hercules visiting a store called "Lion Lids."

Attack Of The Clones

Speaking of armies, seems like it isn't just Hercules with men at his back: here we get a sense of a massive, insane barbarian army who will try and take Herc down.

I Scream, You Scream

...But mostly this guy screams. As the whole scene — but this shot in particular — ably shows, the movie is willing to mix genres, throwing in a little horror when necessary.

Paging Admiral Ackbar

Speaking of tones, it also looks like the movie won't shy away from humor. Here, Autolycus (Rufus Sewell) makes a quick 180 when he sees the barbarian army, quipping, "...and we've walked into a trap."

Groundskeeper Willies

There's one way of getting the drop on an army, by digging pits all over the place and popping out of the ground to surprise your foes.

What's The Rock Saying?

We already covered this moment nicely with the above video. What's The Rock screaming in this clip? We've got you covered.

"Hercules" opens in theaters on July 25.