15 Things You Didn't Know About The 2013 Movie Awards

Before we count down to Sunday's show, we look back to last year's MTV Movie Awards.

What were you doing approximately 369 days ago? The right answer is that you were watching the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. We can just assume this is true, because during the show, Rebel Wilson crashed through the ceiling wearing a pink Iron Man suit. What else would you watch?

So we know you're all up on what happened at the show. Aubrey Plaza crashed the stage. There was a koala bear cam. Taylor Lautner showed up with a gut. Some people won trophies. It was great. But there's a whole new world of insider info that you didn't see. A veritable potpourri of cool tidbits.

While you were entranced by awards show pageantry, we were digging behind the scenes to get the story behind it all. So in a fit of 2013 nostalgia, here are 15 things you didn't know about the 2013 Movie Awards.

1. Lemme Borrow That Suit

Rebel Wilson's custom-designed Iron Girl suit was constructed by a company called Alex In Wonderland, the same guys exclusively contracted by Marvel to build wearable Iron Man suits for the Robert Downey Jr. franchise. The team collaborated closely with Rebel to design and build the suit; and you better believe the pink color was all Wilson. (It's her favorite color). Using plastic, rubber and a little bit of magic, the whole thing took 12 days to finish.

2. Aca-Genius

One of the most-anticipated and delightful moments from the 2013 show was the "Pitch Perfect" live reunion. If it weren't for Rebel's brainz, the whole thing may not have happened -- it was her idea! Luckily the cast was up for it. The movie's choreographer was called upon to prep the actors for their live debut; going from movie screen to stage is no joke.

3. In-Show Connections

Last year's show was big for Ester Dean. Not only did she kill it during the Pitch Perfect reunion, but she also wrote "Come And Get It," the song Selena Gomez performed at the show. Ester has also written songs for Britney Spears, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera, to name a few. So she's kind of a big deal.

4. That Mockingjay, Tho

A giant, flaming Mockingjay symbol was revealed onstage during a preview of then-unreleased 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.' If you thought you could scheme to whisk in there and carry it home, you're wrong. That magnificent beast was made with one thousand pounds of brass and was given to the movie studio after the show.

5. Australian Imports

Rebel Wilson worked closely with the Movie Awards wardrobe department to create looks that were heavily inspired by her home turf of Australia. This little number, for example, was a nod to the 1979 Mel Gibson movie Mad Max. Plus, the corset was crocodile. Everything Rebel wore during the show had some sort of Australian shout out.

6. Taylor's Freshman 15

Remember when Taylor Lautner sauntered on stage with a 64 oz soda and a bulbous belly? Totally his idea. Lautner wanted to add a little something extra to his acceptance speech, so he started eating 3 months in advance. Just kidding - it was a prosthetic gut. Wardrobe had several shirts on the ready for him to wear, but he chose to stick with his own -- to accentuate the goods.

7. Franco On The Fly

During the show's opening short film, James Franco offered some advice to new host Rebel Wilson. He looked her dead in the eye and said, "Hosting is a blast. You're not going to regret it for a second. Trust me - nobody will ever say anything bad about you." This line was improv, and alluded to his own 2011 Oscars hosting stint. Aww, James Franco.

8. Koala Technology

You might remember that host Rebel Wilson investigated the VIP audience's personal items with an undercover "koala cam." There's a reason you can't find the Koala cam at the mall -- the Movie Awards props team built it. Step one: start with a bear. Step two: remove the stuffing and instead, stuff with wires and fancy technological junk. Step three: turn the nose into a lens. Step four: strap a body pack on Rebel Wilson to house the camera body. Step five: snoop freely.

9. Selena The Perfectionist

It may have looked like Selena Gomez was a total pro while she breezed through "Come And Get It," but not only was it her first time performing the song, it was also the first time she had ever performed live with choreography. Ever the consummate pro, she personally added extra rehearsals to make sure everything would be perfect.

10. Working With The Best

Speaking of perfectionists, Selena chose famed choreographer Fatima Robinson to craft her routine. Fatima is a legend in the dance world who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Aaliyah , Rihanna and Mary J. Blige among many others.

11. Do Your Own Stunts

What's the fun in holding nunchucks if you don't know how to use 'em? Rebel Wilson teamed up with a close combat expert to learn how to use the weapon for her opening number, and apparently she was a natural. Also, the combat expert was the stunt double for Bill in 'Kill Bill,' so now Rebel is probably pretty dangerous.

12. Stage Bombs Away

When Aubrey Plaza crashed the stage during Will Ferrell's acceptance speech, many assumed it was part of the act. Nope - that moment was definitely not scripted! Spontaneity is the spice of life, anyway.

13. Macklemore's Pre-Game

Macklemore admitted that his pre-show ritual includes Go-Gurt, cheese string, and maaaayyybe a little bit of pilates. Also, when deciding what to wear for a performance, Macklemore practices all his stage moves in potential outfits, to make sure everything stays in place/doesn't rip.

14. Two Piece Suit

The pink warm-up track suit that Rebel wore in her opening dance number was crafted in two pieces and fastened with velcro. Carabiners attached to the back allowed for easy tear-away functionality. Rebel practiced her choreography so much that the wardrobe team had to reinforce the outfit with new velcro before her live debut.

15. Perfecting A Monologue

Rebel Wilson wanted to test how her monologue jokes would land with an audience, so she performed unannounced at a small LA comedy club. Good day to show up on amateur night, right?