See Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Get Cozy In The Studio With Madison Beer

Thanks to Madison's mom, we got an inside look at the reunion.

The saga continues! But this time, Scooter Braun prodigy Madison Beer is involved.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who we saw dirty-dancing last month, were snapped in the same studio together... and we have Madison's mom to thank for the pics.

Tracie Beer splattered Instagram on Tuesday night with poses of Mad — one with Justin and one with Selena, which said "And now this beauty comes to visit." Justin himself had tweeted out a selfie with 15-year-old Madison earlier in the day, saying "you ready?" The Bugatti-borrowing Biebs, who is also managed by Braun, has been promoting Beer quite a bit, even appearing in her video for "Melodies."

Here's another Tracie photo, captioned "when Scooter Braun checks in."

On Sunday, JB posted an Insta with the caption, "Wondering if she's too high maintenance." Unconfirmed rumors have been swirling that Jelena have been recording a song called "Unfamiliar." Justin has also been in the studio with YMCMB and has been recording a song with Austin Mahone.

And then, to top that off, TMZ got some footage of Selena's entrance to the rendezvous, claiming she looked "shaky."

Rumors are rumors, but wouldn't it be nice to hear any of them team up together? Or maybe all of them? We can dream, I guess.