Channing Tatum Is Terrible At Accents In This New '22 Jump Street' Clip

They don't teach this stuff at the police academy.

We've seen him strip down, we've seen him defend the White House, and now we get to see Channing Tatum unleash a truly terrible Mexican accent and tell us about his adventures with Dora the Explorer and her pal Diego.

Tatum, who will receive this year's Trailblazer Award at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, goes back undercover alongside Jonah Hill for the upcoming "22 Jump Street."

The new movie, due out June 13, is a sequel to the immensely successful "21 Jump Street." Tatum and Hill return as Jenko and Schmidt, respectively, a pair of babyfaced newbie coppers who get stuck on the youth crime beat. In "21," they went undercover at a high school to great result (if by "great" you mean that we got to see Hill's character turn a Peter Pan audition into a drug-fueled freakout and Tatum declare his unchallenged supremacy over science, which we totally do).

This time around, Jenko and Schmidt are taking on college, but will they be the big men on campus? Only time will tell.

Check out this brand new clip from the film, out June 13, and grade Tatum on just how well he's pulling off that undercover persona.

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