All 25 MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss Acceptance Speeches, Ranked

Plus tips for this year's MTV Movie Awards nominees on how best to accept their Best Kiss win.

There's a subtle art to winning the MTV Movie Awards' coveted Best Kiss prize. But there's an even subtler art to nailing your acceptance speech. We took a look back through all 25 previous winners, to rank the best and provide some tips to whomever will bring home the prize.

Oh, and don't forget to tune-in to the Movie Awards Sunday, April 10 at 8pm to see who will lock lips during the big show.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper, "Silver Linings Playbook"

    It's not that we don't love Bradley Cooper (we certainly do), but not only was J-Law a no-show, but he provided just an earnest thanks to the fans. Which we appreciate, but where's the action, Cooper? Where's the moves?

  2. Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst, "Spider-Man"

    Another solo act, Dunst showed up alone because Maguire was off shooting "Spider-Man 2." No repeat of the first movie's iconic upside-down kiss was a missed opportunity.

  3. Will Smith & Vivica A. Fox, "Independence Day"

    Big Willie Styles also showed up sans smooching partner (noticing a pattern here?), quipping, "This is just the life!" on kissing co-star Vivica A. Fox. He's a notch above the others, but we wanted to see the Fresh Prince get a little more fresh.

  4. Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1"

    Poor Kristen Stewart. She does her best accepting the fourth "Twilight Saga" Best Kiss Award on her own, calling for someone to kiss her before pretending to make out with herself. But not quite enough to get into our top ten.

  5. Natasha Henstridge & Anthony Guidera, "Species"

    "My Mom's gonna kill me, Anthony!" Henstridge yells after Guidera attacks her mouth on stage. We're all for going for the actual kiss, but nominees: make sure you check with your partner beforehand. Nobody likes a proactive kisser.

  6. Briana Evigan & Robert Hoffman, "Step Up 2: The Streets"

    A slightly more premeditated make out than our #18 entry, but the duo didn't really link up message. "I love kissing that woman!" Hoffman shouts. "That was so much better in the rain!" Evigan says. Er, oops.

  7. Christian Slater & Marisa Tomei, "Untamed Heart"

    Though kissing is, of course, preferred, if you're not going to lock lips, at least come up with a creative acceptance speech. Tomei quipping that, "I have to thank his lips," re: Slater definitely ups the ante in the acceptance department.

  8. Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon"

    K-Stew and R-Pattz's second award riffs off the difference between "real life" and what happens on screen. "It takes a lot of smoke and mirrors to do a kiss like this one," Stewart jokes, while the actual couple repeatedly bumps into each other.

  9. Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston & Will Poulter, "We're the Millers"

    The wildly inappropriate three way kiss from "We're The Millers" took home the top prize in cinema for smooching in 2014, but that doesn't mean things didn't get awkward. Only Poulter was around to accept, but did get a text from Aniston who called him, "a dorky Tintin." Ouch. Funny? Yes. Destroying our hope that actors who kiss always fall in love with each other? Yes.

  10. Gwyneth Paltrow & Joseph Fiennes, "Shakespeare in Love"

    We'd put Paltrow in the top 15 for her weird bra-top alone — if you can't be there in person, why not bring the sexiness out at home — but her sweet confusion makes for an enjoyable speech. "Who would have ever thought a sweet period piece kiss would beat out a modern day three-way?" Paltrow jokes. "I would have voted the other way."

  11. Anna Chlumsky & Macauly Culkin, "My Girl"

    Chlumsky is solo, so there's no kiss with bee-victim Culkin, but her confused, surprised speech from the very first iteration of the category is just too adorable. "Gee, this is my first kiss, and I get an award!" Chlumsky says, laughing.

  12. Shailene Woodley & Ansel Elgort, "The Fault in Our Stars"

    Elgort wasn't present at last year's Movie Awards to give us the epic smooch with Woodley we were hoping for, but Shai totally held her own up on that stage -- and reminded us all that she and Elgort also play on-screen siblings. Yeah... gross.

  13. Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore, "The Wedding Singer"

    Modesty is always welcome, and Sandler's speech copped to first being a terrible kisser, and second admitting he'd rather plant one on anyone else but himself.

    "I'd rather kiss [Matt] Damon, I'd rather kiss Leonardo [DiCaprio], I'd rather kiss Kevin Kline," Sandler said. "I'm not very good at it, but in a movie, I guess it looked all right."

  14. Jim Carrey & Lauren Holly, "Dumb and Dumber"

    Real life couple Carrey and Holly didn't lay the (lip)smack down, but they did share a little bit too much info — in the most hilarious manner possible.

    "Jim Carrey does really kiss like that," Holly noted. "I've just really gotten used to it, but you should see the way he makes love."

  15. Jason Biggs & Sean William Scott, "American Pie 2"

    Scott's spectacular acceptance speech rockets to the top ten based on his amazing riff on more, shall we say, "legit" acceptance speeches. He earnestly thanks every girl he's ever made out with, detailing their encounters vividly; and even includes "Dude, Where's My Car?" kissing buddy Ashton Kutcher.

    Finally, Scott ends with a profound, "I was working at the zoo five years ago, and hey, dreams can come true."

  16. Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger, "Brokeback Mountain"

    Probably the most serious and groundbreaking winner for Best Kiss, "Brokeback Mountain" blew away stereotypes with its win; but it turns out, that was all part of the plan.

    "You know said to Heath after we finished the scene you saw," Gyllenhaal said, "if we don't win the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, then it wasn't worth it. It's worth it now."

  17. Demi Moore & Woody Harrelson, "Indecent Proposal"

    Moore and Harrelson weren't on stage, or even in the same room when they accepted their award. But After Harrelson thanked every other nominee and congratulated them, the camera cut to Moore sitting on a swing — and wielding the biggest slam ever:

    "After watching Woody's acceptance speech," Moore noted, "it's obvious we won the award for Best Kiss because Woody's so good at kissing ass."

  18. Owen Wilson, Carmen Electra & Amy Smart, "Starsky & Hutch"

    Go big or go home: though Electra was sans Wilson and Smart on stage, she did plant a smack on presenter Snoop Dogg, then on Paris Hilton. The trio stopped short of a three-way kiss right out of the winning movie, but hey, we'll take it.

  19. Rebel Wilson & Adam DeVine, "Pitch Perfect 2"
    Getty Images

    Were we expecting DeVine and Wilson to make out for the cameras? Yes. Were we expecting them to roll around on the floor and grope each other? NOPE. And we loved it.

  20. Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"

    The third time "Twilight" won the award, K-Stew finally agreed to the kiss we'd been waiting three years for.

    "There's someone else in the audience that will appreciate it a little more," Pattinson noted, before running into the audience and planting one on co-star Taylor Lautner. Remember that, nominees: surprise is the name of the game.

  21. Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson, "Twilight"

    The non-kiss that started it all, the duo's first nomination paid homage to the famously frustrating drama between Stewart and Pattinson's characters in the movie, ending with a blue-balled Pattinson staring stunned while Stewart thanked the audience.

  22. Selma Blair & Sarah Michelle Gellar, "Cruel Intentions"

    Our #4 Best Kiss speech nails everything you'd want: giggly winners, genuine thanks, jokes about the category and best of all, a big smoocheroo right at the end.

  23. Julia Stiles & Sean Patrick Thomas, "Save The Last Dance"

    The co-stars seem to waver back and forth on whether they actually want to kiss, but when they do, holy cow, it's a hot one. Save the last dance for us, guys!

  24. Will Ferrell & Sacha Baron Cohen, "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"

    Definitely the longest kiss in acceptance history, Cohen chides Ferrell for never calling him back after they kissed five times on set. "They're called takes," Ferrell shoots back. Cohen slaps him, and then the duo full on make out, falling to the floor and groping each other. Which would be the best acceptance speech if it weren't for...

  25. Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams, "The Notebook"

    Gosling and McAdams brilliantly run across stage towards each other, recreating the classic kiss from "The Notebook." So good is the kiss that the duo had a hard time getting to the actual speech after the sustained applause. Good luck to this year's nominees beating this one... Though with a little willpower, and a lot of chap stick, we think they've got what it takes.

[Note: A previous version of this story appeared on MTV News in 2015.]