Rejoice! BFFs Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Are Making Another Movie Together

The duo are set to begin filming on 'The Nest' in New York City in June.

If you would be so kind as to tune your radio receivers to the frequency of "dolphin-like high pitched squeals," you'll notice that there's a lot of chatter going on over the channels. That would be due to the news that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are co-starring in another movie, "The Nest."

According to Showbiz411, Poehler signed on to co-star and co-produce the movie. Jay Roach, who directed the "Austin Powers" movies as well as several others, is reportedly a producer on the project.

Fey and Poehler, besides being the top two choices for "Ladies I'd Like To Get Tipsy At Brunch With" in the demographic of one year to death among the general population, have served together as co-hosts for the Golden Globes, co-stars in 2008's "Baby Mama," "Saturday Night Live" castmates and generally awesome BFFs.

Yes, "Baby Mama," the duo's last much-hyped co-headlining movie, had a lukewarm reception, but before you're like "oh, but 'Baby Mama,' sooooo," remind yourself that it made a respectable $60.5 million at the domestic box office and brought us classic moments like the one below.

Yes, cherish that. Beauty like that doesn't happen often. But it just might happen again with "The Nest." Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Fey and Poehler will reportedly play adult sisters who, when kicked out of the family home, decide to have one more epic party in their new apartment. Filming is set for mid-June in New York City.