Cher Lloyd Was ‘Always On Guard’ On Tour With Demi Lovato

'I heard that Demi was going to pull a prank on me — I heard it through the grapevine,' singer tells MTV News of her formidable prank defenses.

Cher Lloyd may have walked away unscathed by any of the pranks on Demi Lovato‘s Neon Lights Tour, but that’s only because she was fully prepared for what Demi had up her sleeve.

The U.K. “X Factor” alum warned Demi before she hit the road that she’d better “watch out” for any shenanigans, and when she stopped by MTV News recently, she told us how she dodged Demi’s master plan.

“I heard that Demi was going to pull a prank on me — I heard it through the grapevine. And I had this big fluffy onesie in the back of my bus. …” Lloyd said. “I just put the onesie on and I thought it would be funny ’cause I’ll get onstage looking like an idiot, and she’s going to do something to me, so I might as well stroll up looking like a tiger, lion or whatever it was. And she had this silly string, but she was cracking up so much that it was quite difficult to silly-string me. I’m always on guard for that sort of stuff — you can’t catch me. I’d like to see you try!”

And Lloyd certainly had her guard up when the girls of Fifth Harmony, who were also openers on tour, decided to thank the “Neon Lights” singer for a spot on the tour with a pie in the face.

“I was in the room at the time,” Lloyd said. “But most of the time, I’m in cloud cuckoo land, I just smile a lot and talk a lot, so I saw a pie come from somewhere, but I had no involvement. I ain’t getting locked up for that sh–.”

Now that the tour is officially wrapped, Lloyd is focusing on her upcoming second album, Sorry I’m Late, which hits stores May 27 and features the recently released tracks “Sirens” and “Dirty Love.” Lloyd has been releasing her new music in a unique way. The “Want U Back” singer has teamed up with MTV to pick some very lucky fans to unveil new songs and unlock a piece of her album artwork.

“I’ve been tired of waiting and my fans are so eager to hear it and that’s why I’ve had a fan release one of the tracks every two weeks,” Lloyd said. “Because it’s like this can’t wait anymore and I know they can’t either.”

Christina Garibaldi has been an on-camera reporter for MTV News since 2011. When not interviewing or writing about her favorite stars, she keeps herself busy with baby animal videos and boy bands.