'Poor Drake' Is Our New Favorite Meme: Make Your Own

Started from the bottom, now he's a meme. The NCAA gave birth to a very dramatic phenomenon Monday night.

Drake is a bestselling recording artist, was on a hit TV show and is dating Rihanna. But now, he's really made it. He's an Internet meme.

Here's the background: as Kentucky made it to the NCAA National Championship game, people realized that Drake was a big Kentucky fan. He even went into their locker room to give an inspirational speech.

So, of course, Drake was in attendance for the National Championship game between Kentucky and Connecticut. Kentucky lost, causing Drake to stand somberly and causing the Internet to quickly make him their new favorite meme. "Poor Drake" was born.

Since Poor Drake is so dramatic, we thought he'd fit in well with some of our favorite movies.

Enjoy, and tweet us your own Drake memes @MTVNews using the hashtag #PoorDrake!

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Make Your Own!