Avicii Says The Party's Over For Now

'I'm sorry for having to postpone the shows this month,' he says after doctors ordered rest following appendix and gallbladder surgery.

Sometimes, the party does have to stop. And in Avicii's case, that time is now. After canceling his appearance at the Ultra Festival
 last week due to an emergency hospitalization, the superstar DJ said his doctors have told him to rest and postpone a string of upcoming shows.

"I'm sorry to postpone the shows this month," he wrote on Monday night. "I sincerely rly wish I didn't have to but unfortunately theres no going around it."

The Swedish DJ was unexpectedly hospitalized just before his Ultra appearance and rushed to a Miami Beach hospital suffering from abdominal pains, nausea and fever. He was later diagnosed with a blocked gall bladder and his rep said he was being evaluated for potential surgery to remove the organ.

In March of last year, the 24-year-old was hospitalized in Australia for six days for acute pancreatitis, but persuaded doctors to postpone his needed gallbladder surgery so he could perform the Future Music Festival.

On Friday, he informed fans that he was "feeling a lot better" after having his appendix and gallbladder removed. He was slated to play a show in Boston on Thursday and Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

And though he's on the mend, his doctors have told him to chill for now. "Health must always come first and in this case especially after my ruptured appendix that got removed doctors orders have been really strict."