Kanye West's New Adidas Sneakers Are Almost Here

MC says we'll see the YEEZis in June.

Kanye West caused a frenzy among sneaker heads with his Nike Air Yeezy models, and now his new shoes are just around the corner.

The multiplatinum hip-hop star has switched from Nike to Adidas for a new sneaker line, coming in June.

"Creativity is my oxygen, I have to create. And I don't care how crazy I look to anyone; as long as I can make the best product for all of you," Kanye said during a passionate speech while in Germany for the Adidas Global Brand Conference. "So in June, we'll see the new Yeezis."

Nike first released the Air Yeezys in 2009, but after things soured with the sneaker giant, West campaigned through the media for a new apparel deal with a company that was receptive enough to carry out his ideas. In December it was announced that the rapper/producer/overall visionary had partnered up with Adidas.

According to Freshness Mag, the Adidas version of Kanye's sneaker will be branded "YEEZi" and not "Air Yeezy," in a move that could be a protective message against Nike and any copyright issues.

"So, I've been waiting my entire life for the ability to create on multiple platforms. I always dreamed of having a record deal and being able to make music, being able to rap and that dream was accomplished," Kanye started his speech, which was filmed and uploaded to YouTube on Monday (April 7). "I always wanted to have a family, have children, get married; that dream is about to be accomplished."

West explained to the crowd that designing sneakers was another dream that he has had since he was a child. "To get to the point to be able to make your own shoe and have people react to it was such an amazing feeling that I could never let that go," he said, adding that this new deal with Adidas isn't just a celebrity advertising deal.

"With this opportunity to create, I feel like I can be myself," he continued. "This was the company that was experienced and brave enough to give me the opportunity to create."