Prepare Yourself For The 28-Course Action Bronson Tasting Menu

The most decadent dishes from hip-hop's favorite chef.

The rise of Action Bronson is one of hip-hop’s favorite recent success stories. A chef in a former life, the Flushing-raised rapper has become a cult icon after trading stints in the kitchen cooking for the New York Mets and serving up top-notch albums and mixtapes. Naturally, Bronson’s raps are liberally peppered with references to foodstuffs; the video to an early fan favorite, 2010’s “Shiraz,” features Bronson and cohorts gallivanting in a park with a batch of prosciutto and olives he picked up from a store along Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Feasting and dancing ensues.

Since the “Shiraz” days, Bronson’s stock has boomed, and he now spends his days touring the world and packing out venues. Handily, this has also allowed the bearded man’s infatuation with food to prosper, with his Instagram account becoming a shining smorgasbord of sustenance. Bronson’s food porn pics also prove that his palette is happy to hop from the hyper-gourmand to the hole-in-the-wall — the dishes he presents become a snapshot of his travels as he pairs high-end, artistically-plated sushi with street food sluiced with sauces dripping from his hand.

In salute to Action Bronson’s culinary rap adventure, here’s the ultimate tasting menu sourced from the hip-hop chef’s own most favored chow. (Recommended dining guest: Riff Raff.) Bon appetite!

1. Roasted Chanterelle Mushroom Soup

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