Lady Gaga Bumped Into Bill Murray Backstage, And This Happened

During Gaga's MTV Takeover, we see everything that happens before she takes the stage.

You’ve seen the selfie that Lady Gaga and Bill Murray took on Letterman, but what happens when you catch two celebs off-guard in the dark corners of an old NYC ballroom?

They talk about her inflatable dress.

“I think I have a pair of salt and pepper shakers that look like that,” Murray says, eyeing the long-sleeved floral frock with an extra-puffy skirt.

“It’s inflatable in case I want to go swimming,” Gaga says sweetly and nonchalantly.

From there, Little Monsters get inside access to her rehearsal at Roseland Ballroom. The back of a subway train is parked onstage as she sings “Dope” at the piano.

After a day of showing off her Central Park apartment and sharing some turkey cold cuts with MTV’s Sway Calloway as part of her MTV Takeover on Friday (April 4), she gets ready to take the stage. Holding hands with her crew, they say a prayer before Mother Monster stretches and heads out to face the crowd.

See this and more in the video above. And make sure to tune into her Takeover, which takes place all day on MTV, MTV Hits and Logo TV. Gaga will regularly break into programming to take fans behind her Roseland Ballroom residency, showing behind-the-scenes footage of show rehearsals.

Viewers will also hear news about Lady Gaga’s upcoming worldwide tour artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball, which kicks off in Florida on May 4 and just had an additional six dates added to accommodate sales. In addition to the tour, Gaga will discuss her current ARTPOP single, “G.U.Y.”

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