Jay Electronica Targets Zimmerman, Police Brutality And Corruption In 'Rant'

The Roc Nation rapper unleashes a stream of tweets that concludes with visual evidence for his rage.

Jay Electronica has a lot on his mind, and hopefully all of those thoughts will end up on an album, but in the meantime, his Twitter account holds some insight on his current state of mind. Outraged would be the best description, and he included some footage to show us why we should feel the same way.

Early Friday morning (April 4) the Roc Nation rapper unleashed a stream of thoughts on everything from George Zimmerman and police corruption to shady journalists and label executives.

Jay Elect clearly hasn't been blind to the violence that's ravaging cities like Chicago, where just last week a young rapper named Lil Marc was fatally shot. And the police corruption is nothing new, but that doesn't make the video footage any easier to watch, especially when it's happening in his hometown, New Orleans.

"i don't respect no so-called thug that will kill his brother for little or nothing but submit to these crooked ass police," Elect tweeted. "our gun don't really go off. only against your own brother who is in the mud like you. coward."

"'thugs' and 'goons' walk past george zimmerman everyday," he added. "why he aint get his head bust yet?"

DMX was more than ready to step into the ring and throw blows at Zimmerman, who was unfairly acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin, but the event was eventually called off and Zimmerman continues to live freely.

"whats sad is pp will fight or oppose you if you dabble in this kind of talk.. but they won't fight the school for teaching the babies lies," he continued, ready for the potential backlash. "they won't fight the banks for stealing their homes or the fda for approving poison to be fed to the ppl."

Maybe some of the delay in putting out new music relates to his feelings about the industry. And he does have a lot of feelings about the industry.

"its like ppl have abandoned there inner constitution for turn up kits and social networking hype," he tweeted. "No one is a standup guy anymore? turnupturnupturnup welcome to the f---king circus."

And even when he said the "rant" was over, he couldn't help but add a few more words.

"and w all of this bullsh-- in circulation in the art industries, I'm starting to think some of these ppl are f--king CIA. these artists bloggers journalists label execs radio programmers are acting like f--king CIA operatives. What is your purpose?"

Those words were accompanied by two disturbing video links, with two mocking hashtags, "#TurnUp and #OGBobbyJohnson."

The first video shows a police officer in Louisiana forcing his way into a man's home and forcefully arresting him without cause, while the man continues to repeat "I'm scared, sir I'm scared." The second one shows a crowd gathering around a man who's been shot and lays bleeding to death on the street, while police officers still surrounded him with guns drawn.

Just a little food for thought on a Friday.

Most recently we heard from Jay Elect on his "We Made It" freestyle, which also included a verse from Jay Z.