Just How Rich Is Rick Ross? You Have To Watch His New Video

Rozay flaunts his wealth in Paris for 'Rich is Gangsta.'

In his first breakthrough music video, Rick Ross set out to show us the other side of Miami's sunny South Beach, but a lot has changed since the Boss dropped "Hustlin'" in 2006. For his latest visual, "Rich is Gangsta," Rozay travels across the Atlantic to Paris, showing fans the other side of a city once again.

The lavish Dre Films-directed piece hit the Internet on Thursday night, opening with a mandatory shot of the Eiffel Tower to properly set the scene. "I just up'd my stock, f--k dem cops/ If you love hip-hop, bust dem shots," Ross raps in his signature boss baritone.

Rozay sticks out like a sore thumb, rocking an all-over print Versace jacket, while performing in front of regal sculptures and flowing fountains. Aside from the backdrop, "Rich is Gangsta" plays out like a lot of other Rick Ross videos. The rapper goes for a joy ride in a Rolls Royce, shows off multiple diamond-encrusted chains, keeps a bottle of Luc Belaire Rose at arm's reach and, of course, has a voluptuous video vixen at his side.

It doesn't look as if Ross is trying to fit in with the Paris scenery, but rather challenge the old guard with all of his new money. He raps of expensive watches and multimillion-dollar record deals, but even the Maybach Music CEO realizes there are some things that money can't buy.

"It's hard for a young black executive/ Can't you see we all f--kin' relatives," he barks in frustration, while wearing a white tee and a pair of Kanye West's Red Octobers on his feet.

By the close of the video, the larger-than-life MC trades the fancy French scenery for the strip club, where he tosses large denominations in the air and looks just as rich and gangsta as ever.