Happy Birthday, Austin Mahone! 18 Times You Had Us Saying 'MMM Yeah'

As the pop star turns 18, we look back at some of his most heart melting, hysterical and adorable moments.

Austin Mahone is officially an adult! On Friday (April 4) Austin turns the big 1-8, and guess what happens when you turn 18? You can totally do adult things, like vote, get a tattoo, get your ear pierced without your parents and even buy a monkey...seriously.

Now, we know Austin will probably be celebrating tonight (still waiting for our invite), but us Mahomies want to get in on the action as well. So to commemorate this milestone birthday, we've pulled together 18 times that Austin has made us say "MMM Yeah."

1. When He Wished Us Good Morning

2. When He Rocked His Beanie

3. When Demonstrated His Serious Basketball Skills

4. When He Showed Off Those Pearly Whites

5. When He Worked Hard On His Fitness

6. And Showed Us The Results

7. That Time He Made Air Hearts

8. When He Wowed Everyone At The VMA Pre-Show

9. And Then Won His First Moonman

10. When He Cuddled With A Stuffed Animal

11. When He Became Besties With Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

12. And Made Our Heads Explode When He Hit The Studio With Justin Bieber

13. When He Showed Off His Pony Skills

14. When He Showed Us How Much He Loves His Mahomies

15. And Even Called Them

16. When He Made Looking Nerdy Look Good

17. When He Won A Pie-Eating Contest And Almost Threw Up

18. The Moment He Became The King Of Our Hearts