What Does Smoke DZA Have To Do With Sean Kingston?

The rapper dishes on a previously unknown past on 'RapFix Live.'

Most know Smoke DZA as a staple of rap's underground on the mic, but he's put in some behind-the-scenes work, too.

"Flow sold millions, shouts to Sean Kingston," the Harlem MC raps on "Count Me In," from his latest album, Dream.Zone.Achieve, which dropped Tuesday.

"Sean is my little brother," DZA said when asked about the reference on Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live". "I was able to be a part of his career before it started budding. And at the beginning, I helped, somewhat."

Though he didn't specify on camera, the NYC native later confirmed to MTV News that he worked on "Drummer Boy" and "Kingston," from the Jamaican-born artist's 2007 self-titled debut, as well "Colors," featuring Rick Ross and Game.

He's often associated with smoked-out rhymes and an underground aesthetic, but the rapper stressed his versatility when he spoke on his work with Kingston.

"I could do anything," he said. "That's just being from Harlem. I always felt like I could do anything. At that point in my life, where I was penning and selling swag, it was really like I was already an artist. I was already doing what I was doing, so that just added to the puzzle."