Katy Perry Reveals 'Birthday' Single Art With Serious Little Kid Attitude

Could it get any sassier?

It's time to celebrate Katy Perry's birthday a few months early, and we hope you have a healthy appetite because there's plenty of cake to be had.

On Thursday (April 3), the retro roller-skate jam "Birthday" got an equally as throwback introduction to radio, complete with new single art of Katy and her sister as young'uns. (And good thing Google is reading emojis now because some celebratory balloons were involved too.)

"In honor of #TBT may I present the cover of my NEXXXT single, BIRTHDAY," Katy tweeted, showing off a masterful mug at a b-day bash circa 1990. Imposed over the vintage pic are puffy balloons spelling out Katy Perry and a scrumptious floral cake with the track's title in candles. Her sister's face is blurred, but Katy said there's a quick fix for that:

"Birthday" follows "Dark Horse," "Unconditionally" and "Roar" as singles off Prism, which was released in October 2013.