Watch Sarah Palin And Putin Cover Pharrell's 'Happy'

Kind of.

If it seems like you've been hearing Pharrell Williams' "Happy" everywhere nowadays, it's because you have. Yes, while the world slumbered, aliens implanted special earpieces into our noggins that blast that song on a loop, making us crave still more remixes and covers.

That's the only explanation for the latest team to croon the joy-making lyrics: Jimmy Fallon (dressed up like President Vladimir Putin) and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Palin hit up "The Tonight Show" Wednesday to do a little skit with Fallon that included Fallon (as Putin) on the balalaika and the former vice presidential hopeful on the flute.

Although the two played the jam over the phone together -- just like a pair of long-distance lovers -- the emotion is palpable here. Just watch Fallon/Putin take it home. His rare emotion, mixed with the delicacy of Palin's chirruping flute, is sure to bring tears to the most jaded of eyes.

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