Fat Trel Opens Up On What 'Too Much' Is Really About

Maybach Music Group signee 'let it out' on the remix of Drake's track.

Fat Trel might be known mostly for bombastic, fierce records, but the Washington, D.C., native can get personal, too. He did just that on "Too Much," a remix of Drake's song of the same name, which he released last week.

"I got two baby mothers; one of my baby mothers passed away," Trel told MTV News. The song does not appear on his latest mixtape, Gleesh, which dropped Tuesday. "I'm talking to my baby mother, and she just stressing me out for no reason, wanting wild extra money to please her lifestyle. Money that makes no sense for her to have. And [I was] just stressed, like any other person."

As heavy of a subject as it was, the rapper didn't hesitate to let listeners in on this part of his life. "I always kept it real with my fans," he continued. "I was always honest. I don't lie to my fans; I keep it open about anything. My baby mother, she talk a lot of trash about my other baby mother that passed away. They didn't like each other when she was alive. It hurt me, man. I shouldn't care, but when she say, 'That's why she's dead,' it hurt me."

To deal with that hurt, the recent Maybach Music Group signee decided to hop in the booth and let his feelings flow. "I go to the studio and channel my anger the only way I know how, besides hurting somebody," he explained. "I gotta go to the studio and let it out. We went and laid that down, and that's just how I felt that day. But it's a real song. To go through being a single parent at my age — I was 19 when I found out, 20 I think."

Despite the tragedy of the passing of his baby's mother, who died of a heart attack, Trel didn't lose hope or focus. "It was just like dealing with my brother being murdered," he said. "You gotta go on. It happened. You hate that it happened, but you gotta keep it pushing."