Deadmau5 vs. Mickey Mouse: 6 More Musicians With Dopplegangers

Next stop, matching outfits!

It seems that Deadmau5 and Disney are currently playing a game of mouse and mouse — at least when it comes to both brands' signature rodent silhouettes.

Yup, Deadmau5 (a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman) has filed a trademark registration with the U.S. Trademark office, according to Billboard, seeking to put a lock on the image of his massive mouse head.

Disney, the progenitors of yet another mouse, are apparently less than pleased. The entertainment empire has asked for, and been granted, 90 days to look into Deadmau5's claim and to file a notice of opposition.

In the meantime, we over here at MTV News started thinking about other music world doppelgangers and came up with quite a few crooners who bear an eerily resemblance to well-loved characters.

Check out our six favorite below:

1. Kanye West And King Arthur

Kanye sported this Maison Martin Margiela mask during his "Yeezus" tour — among others. This one, however, bears a striking resemblance to another legendary hero's chainmail of choice. Hey, 'Ye, you might want to consider adding "King Arthur" to the list of luminaries you rival.

2. Daft Punk And Klaatu

Today's most famous bots look a lot like Klaatu, from the classic film, "The Day The Earth Stood Still." Let's hope Daft Punk's lookalike relinquishes his gripe on the globe, however, or else there will be no "night" to be "up all" to "get lucky."

3. Lady Gaga And The Heat Miser

Mother Monster is as benevolent as her doppelganger is stingy.

4. NOBUNNY And The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit's antics birthed the phrase "down the rabbithole," while his twin NOBUNNY gives new meaning to it with his out-there jams.

5. The Bloody Beetroots And Spiderman

Want to know where Spiderman will crop up next? Check Lollapalooza.

6. Arcade Fire And...Arcade Fire?

"Know thyself" just took on so many new meanings.