Why Is EDM Obsessed With Nile Rodgers?

Tensnake explains why the guitarist was important on his new album Glow.

You may recognize Tensnake from his popular 2010 hit "Coma Cat," but his latest album, Glow proves that the German producer is in the dance music scene for the long haul.

A departure from Tensnake's dancefloor-ready instrumental tracks, Glow is a song-oriented album designed for the pop world and radio play. However, it's still influenced by his diverse musical taste — from '90s hip-hop to disco and boogie music.

Tensnake, a.k.a. Marco Niemerski, has always been a fan of disco, which is why disco legend Nile Rodgers' appearance on his wildly catchy single "Love Sublime" is not unexpected. As one of the most respected names in the industry, Rodgers' recent demand for features — from Daft Punk to Avicii — comes as no surprise. Which begs the question — why does EDM love Nile Rodgers?

Tensnake laid it out for MTV News.

"Mainly because he's up for it," he joked. "He's just a legend, really. There's nobody else who has produced that many hit records in the past, from David Bowie to Madonna...which was also commercially very successful. Apart from that he's a very nice person. He's very grounded; he makes it easy for you to be around him. You don't have to be very nervous."

The single "Love Sublime" supplies all of the elements we love from Rodgers' disco guitar and mixes it with Fiora's melodic vocals. To Tensnake, it's an "homage to the good times."

"It's referring to the days of disco where it's no worries, just dance and feel good. That was the inspiration," he explained.