Exclusive: Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone's Collabo Explained

A source tells MTV News that Justin and Austin did in fact work on a 'really perfect' song.

Turns out our dreams are coming true.

Beliebers and Mahomies woke up to a surprising photo on Instagram featuring Justin Bieber in the studio with Cash Money founder Birdman, Young Money president Mack Maine and their signee, Austin Mahone. Bieber and Birdman both promised that there would be some new music on the way for YMCM, and now we know who it's for: a collaboration between Austin and Justin.

"Austin and Justin have met before and they really respect each other's music," a source told MTV News of the studio session. "They work with a lot of the same producers and Justin knew Austin has been in the studio working on his album. Justin had a song he thought could be really perfect to do with Austin so they got together in the studio."

Shortly after Justin posted his picture, Austin got in on the action as well, uploading the same shot with the caption, "What an amazing song last night..the world isn't ready! @justinbieber."

Fans are equally as excited for the collaboration between the two similar pop stars, who share a love of great hair and some serious dance skills. Beliebers and Mahomies took to Twitter to express lots of "OMGs" and hopes that they will release a sneak peek of the song soon.

No word on if the song will in fact appear on the "MMM Yeah's" singer upcoming debut album, but Austin has made it no secret that he's always been a bit of a Belieber. Back when Austin was first starting to get noticed for his singing skills on YouTube he would cover Beibs' songs, and ultimately when he made it mainstream the comparisons soon followed.

"I mean, it's flattering. It's not that bad of a thing," he told MTV News in 2012. "It's cool because he's such an inspiration to me and he's so successful, and I just hope that I'll be as successful as him someday."