Scarlett Johansson In 'Lucy': Watch The Trailer Now

The new actioner takes a page from the 'Limitless' notebook of sci-fi conceits.

For her next action-packed effort, Scarlett Johansson is once again kicking ass. Unlike Black Widow, however, the title character of "Lucy" in Luc Besson's new movie uses 100 percent of her brain, as opposed to the typical, measly ten.

Okay, a few things before I dive into the trailer. The reason the premise sounds familiar is because it's essentially the same story from "Limitless" starring Bradley Cooper, expect with more punching.

Secondly, Morgan Freeman apparently plays the world's worst neurology expert because he mentions the "ten percent" thing in a lecture. The idea that humans only use a small portion of their brain is in no way true. We all use every part of our brain. That concept only works as conceits for sci-fi movies.

Good. Now I have that out of my system.

As I was saying, Johansson stars as Lucy, a woman who wakes up to find that some bad guys have hidden a bag of drugs inside her stomach. Whatever's in there leaks and slowly kickstarts previously inactive portions of Lucy's brain.

Because this is a Luc Besson movie, Lucy decides to use her new-found powers to beat people up in increasingly god-like ways. Or at least, that's what the trailer is focusing on.

By the end of the preview, Lucy has grown powerful enough to shape-shift and time travel. It doesn't make much narrative sense if all she uses those abilities to just take down a bad guy, so hopefully we'll move into some off-the-wall existentialism. The trail hints at that — as does the presence of the picky Johansson — so I have a good feeling about "Lucy."

"Lucy" hits theaters on August 8.