Anna Kendrick Excited For 'SNL' Debut, Has No Idea When It Airs

'Saturday Night Live' promos feature first-time host Anna Kendrick singing, talking about her dreams and revealing she has no idea when the show actually tapes.

It seems like Anna Kendrick is going to do a killer job hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend — that's if she remembers the time and day it actually happens.

Several promos released for Saturday's show showcase Kendrick's musical skills, her comedic timing and her all-out confusion about exactly when the show takes place.

Kendrick is told by "SNL" cast member Taran Killam that since it's her first time hosting, she is given free rein to ask any questions she wants. Kendrick proceeds to ask several, quite alarming questions, all about what day the show airs, when it tapes and if it happens during the day.

Luckily, in the end, she figures it all out ... we think.

Now, one would probably assume that hosting the famed comedy show would be the most fun thing she could possibly think of doing on a Saturday night, right? Wrong. When asked what could be more fun than "SNL," the "Pitch Perfect" star rattles off several other things on her list: "Sumo wrestling in doughnut batter? A mansion full of monkey butlers? A tickle fight with puppies while I'm wearing a bikini made of bacon?" Kendrick replies, with Killam agreeing with the last one, crowning it the "fun winner."

In the other promos, Kendrick shows off her musical background, harmonizing with Killam, talking about their dreams and laughing hysterically at their own April Fool's joke, which had them putting unibrows and mustaches on past musical guests and hosts.

Kendrick will be joined by musical guest Pharrell this weekend, and it turns out she has a bit of a bone to pick with him that involves his infamous hat and Grammy night.

Following Kendrick's first appearance on "SNL" will be Seth Rogen, who will take the hosting reigns for the third time, accompanied by Ed Sheeran, who will make his debut as musical guest April 12.