'Fantastic Four' May Have Found Its Doctor Doom

Toby Kebbell from 'Wrath of the Titans' and 'Prince of Persia' eyes his biggest role to date.

Comic book fans, get pumped and prepare to meet your Doom.

The upcoming reboot of "Fantastic Four" has found its villain, with Toby Kebbell reportedly target=_"blank">in talks for the role of the evil, English-accented Doctor Doom. He'll be facing off against the Four come Summer 2015, when Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, The Human Torch and the Invisible Woman return to the big screen.

You probably know Kebbell best as That Guy From That Thing; he's got a long resume and a familiar face, if you can recognize it under the crazy hairpieces or wild facial hair he sports in most of his movies. Among other things, he's played:

- the dreadlocked Agenor in "Wrath of the Titans"

- the platinum-blonde, high-heeled magician who assaults Jay Baruchel in a men's room in "The Sorceror's Apprentice"

- the guy with the silly hat in "Prince of Persia"

- the gaunt, shades-wearing Johnny Quid from Guy Ritchie's "RocknRolla"

- this dude in "War Horse" (at least, we're pretty sure that's him.)

Kebbell can also be seen in the upcoming "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," although you won't actually, y'know, see him since he's playing one of the apes.

In "Fantastic Four," the actor will play Reed Richards' schoolmate Victor von Doom, the central antagonist who was portrayed in the 2005 "Fantastic Four" film by Julian McMahon. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kebbell was first pick for the role on a shortlist that also included Domhall Gleason and Jack Huston.

"Fantastic Four" will hit theaters in June 2015.