'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Exclusive: Electro Unchained

MTV News reveals how Max Dillon transforms from 'nobody' nerd into 'somebody' super-villain.

Peter Parker has plenty of powers, but is he any match for a vengeful soul with the power of a God?

We're about to find out, as Parker swings into battle against Electro in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," in theaters next month. Sony's superhero sequel, directed by Marc Webb, sees Spider-Man in action as a veteran web-slinger, but in over his head when matched against the electrically-charged menace played by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

Find out everything you need to know about Electro in today's new episode of "MTV's Secrets Revealed: The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

He's a Nobody

As is often the case with Spider-Man's enemies, the web-slinger's newest nemesis wasn't always such a bad guy. Think back on courteous Curt Connors before he became the Lizard — he wasn't so mean, was he? Likewise, before becoming Electro, Max Dillon is little more than a pocket-protected scientist, employed by Oscorp.

"In this movie, you get to see the villain [before he's the villain]," said Foxx. "He's Max Dillon. Just an electrical guy. He's sort of a nerd."

He's a Spider-Man Fan

Dillon isn't just a nerd in the scientific sense. He wouldn't be out of place at Comic-Con, waiting on an autograph line to geek out with his favorite hero: Spider-Man himself.

"At the beginning of the film, he's Spider-Man's greatest fan," said Webb. "In fact, he's obsessed with him."

Dillon's fandom swings to all new heights when he meets Spider-Man during a chance encounter. The wall-crawler tells Dillon that he's Spidey's eyes and ears on the ground — a great responsibility that greatly powers Dillon's heart.

He's an Accidental Villain

Unfortunately, the happy memories of Dillon's Spider-Man partnership quickly wash away during an accident at Oscorp. Like so many super-villains before him, the innocent Max becomes the unwitting victim of a horrible tragedy that transforms him forever.

"He accidentally falls into this big pool with electric eels, and because of the genetic splicing and everything that's going on at Oscorp, boom &38212; that's how Electro is born," said Foxx.

He's Shockingly Powerful

After the accident, Dillon's body is transformed. Not only does he sport a new, electric blue hue, Dillon also controls electricity in deadly ways. He can blast electric energy at his enemies, and don't even think about trying to touch the guy.

"He's sort of God-like," said Webb. "If you touch him, you'll get obliterated. Spider-Man is going to get confronted with a very shifty, very powerful Electro."

He's a Scorned Lover

The only thing deadlier than Electro's power-set is Electro's broken heart. When he reunites with Spider-Man for the first time after the accident, he realizes that he and Spidey were never going to be partners — and it leads to a chaotic confrontation.

"Somewhere in his mind, he felt like he and Spider-Man were going to be partners," said Foxx. "But then Spider-Man's like, 'No, it's not like that.'"

He's Going to Burn It All Down,br>

As if Spider-Man's rejection wasn't painful enough, the rest of the world fears and hates Electro as well. And as a result of that hatred, Electro projects his own venomous vengeance upon the world at large.

"After getting his powers, he's misunderstood," Andrew Garfield said of Electro. "The rest of the world is like, 'Kill him, kill him, kill him.' And it's because of this final insult to his character and soul that he goes, 'You know what? Everyone is going to feel my wrath now.'"

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"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" hits theaters on May 2.