How 'How I Met Your Mother' Should Have Ended

The series finale split the audience, so tell us what you would have changed.

Spoilers below.

By now you've most likely seen the series finale of "How I Met Your Mother" and have come down on either side of the critical line. You either hated the episode because it betrayed the characters you love and everything they've been through, or you liked the final hour's non-traditional ending.

But on either side of that line, there are most likely things you would change about where and with whom Ted Mosby ended up with. Did The Mother really have to die? Why did that marriage the show spent a season teasing end minutes later? Is it a good thing that Robin and Ted finally got together?

There were essentially three main plot points that divided fans, and we want to hear what you think should have happened. Vote in the polls below to voice your opinion and share how you think things should have gone down.