Does Usher’s Hat Stack Up To Pharrell’s?

The singer seems to have a new favorite cap on 'The Voice.'

If his latest sartorial choice is any indication, Usher must have seen all of the excitement that his future “Voice” colleague Pharrell created when he debuted his Vivienne Westwood hat at the Grammys in January.

The singer made similar waves Monday night on NBC’s “The Voice” when he donned an attention-grabbing coonskin cap. It wasn’t the first time that Ush has worn the furry hat, but it seems to have cemented his intention to make the accessory an essential part of his 2014 persona.

The first public appearance of the piece can be traced back to a picture he posted on his Instagram account on February 21, accompanied by the caption “Hats off to U. #howurockit.”

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