Avicii May Not Have His Gallbladder Anymore, But At Least He Has 'House Of Cards'

The EDM star binge-watches while he recovers.

Avicii is still in the hospital, he tweeted, and even though he had to cancel performances at the Avicii Hotel and the Ultra Music Festival for health reasons, but he's still being productive: he's got "House of Cards" season two in his instant queue.

"Still in hospital ! At least im finally catching up to season 2 of House of cards," the EDM star born Tim Bergling tweeted on Monday night.

Avicii, 24, had to cancel his recent appearances after he was rushed to the hospital last Thursday for abdominal pains, nausea and fever. He was later diagnosed with a blocked gall bladder.

His gall bladder was removed on Saturday, and he continued to update fans on Twitter, saying "Now i feel like sh-- but at least i'm on the road to recovery..."

Three days later, Bergling is still in the hospital, but at least he has Kevin Spacey for company.