'How I Met Your Mother': Fans React To The Series Finale

After nine years on the air, fans took to Twitter to vent their feelings.

And that, kids, is how I set the internet on fire.

Last night, the long-awaited series finale of "How I Met Your Mother" was met by fans of the nine-year saga with great fanfare and anticipation.

For those not in the know, a brief and spoilery synopsis: The show's titular and mysterious Mother is revealed to be a) the bass player from Barney and Robin's wedding band, b) the co-owner of the show's ubiquitous and indestructible yellow umbrella, and c) dead for six years as of Ted's 2030 retelling of their "how we met" story.

That last piece of the puzzle, heartbreaking though it was for many, also left Ted free at the end of the series to finally realize his love for Robin — who was divorced from Barney within three years of their ill-conceived nuptials, the better to fulfill her destiny as a freewheeling, internationally-traveling reporter and owner of five dogs.

Barney, in the meantime, fathered a child with the 31st woman he slept with during a month-long sex bender; Lily and Marshall, still happily married, have three kids and a new, bigger place.

And with that, the show ended its nine-year run — and fans immediately turned to twitter to express their excitement, their disappointment, and in many cases, their outrage.

It must be said, first and foremost, that not everyone hated the finale.

But most fans were disgruntled, either by the show's romantic endgame...

Or its misleading title...

Or its too-convenient machinations to get Ted and Robin


There were tears.

And there was anger.

Sometimes, the anger was mixed with other emotions.

Sometimes, it led to unspeakable acts of violence against

innocent furniture.

Some fans were ready to take it to the streets.

Others, to simply stop living.

But in the end, one intrepid tweeter found a sense of perspective.

What did you think of the "How I Met Your Mother" finale?