Watch Miley Cyrus Bitch Slap Avril Lavigne In Outrageous Instagram

Cyrus vies for Canada's celebrity throne, but she has to get past the sk8r girl first.

Why'd ya have to go and make things so complicated, Miley Cyrus? First Sinead O'Connor and Katy Perry... and now Avril Lavigne? What's your beef?

In a hilarious DIY Instagram video, Miley and Avril jokingly confront each other about being the most famous person in Canada. Although the Bangerz babe isn't a Maple Leaf native , she still thinks she deserves the keys to the Great White North. And when Avril gets catty, Miley lets loose.

Wearing a onesie, Miley reads a homemade magazine cover where Lavigne is declared "the most famous, beautiful & popular in Canada." A little jealous, she playfully goes at her, and puts her in a hold just as the video ends.

Snaps to the two pop princesses for the thought and effort behind this 15-second vid; this wasn't a spur-of-the-moment clip. Look at the craftsmanship in the fake magazine cover! And that acting! It all has me aching for a musical collabo. Imagine the magic that would go down in that studio.

Who do you think is "the most famous, beautiful & popular in Canada"? Tell us in the comments!