Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Not Dead — Here’s Living Proof

These 6 bands are keeping it kicking.

It’s that time again. The time in the cycle of trends and ensuing trend pieces in which rock ’n’ roll and guitars are declared dead and the masses bemoan the influx of EDM/pop stars/men with banjos that’s currently in vogue.

A sampling of quotes: “Who wears the leather pants in music these days?” “Christ, why can’t rock ’n’ roll just be fun anymore?” “R.I.P. Sorry punx.” “The overwhelming thing wrong is that rock and roll is dead.”

This epoch of hand-wringing always comes and goes. The above phrases are really nothing new. But, at present, we’re on the very precipice of a bunch of really good stuff breaking out so, in light of this, such assertions just seem like blatant fallacies. Poppy rock acts like OneRepublic and Bastille have already broken into the Billboard top 10 — now we’re waiting for the grittier outfits to follow.

Rock ’n’ roll is not dead. It’s not. And punk — that’s not expired, either.

Neither have been buried beneath a metaphorical granite memorial denoting some kind of historical perishing. Guitars are not extinct. Drums are not something better left to session musicians, pounding away behind a crooning pop star. A crowd-surfer can still bowl over the languid fist-pumper any day. And, no, some celebrity sporting a Misfits T-shirt has put a nail in no one’s coffin.

And do you know why? Do you know why there’s still an audience for those raw, grab-your-guts-and-choke-you-with-them kind of jams? Because the world hasn’t really changed that much since Black Flag threw sneering TV parties or Kurt Cobain crooned about Courtney Love’s ladyparts using barely-there metaphors.

“Now you have the same thing,” Marky Ramone, last remaining member of the Ramones, told MTV News when asked if he thinks punk is dead. “People are out of jobs, there’s unemployment, there’s no money for the city, there’s always some kind of problem with [your] boyfriend [or] girlfriend, there’s always a worry about what someone’s doing in their future, sibling rivalries. War is still going on. It was going on back then. So nothing really changes.”

Read: We still have stuff to be angry about and as long as there’s stuff to be angry about there will be rock ’n’ roll. Or, you know, as long as there’s the urge to slam dance.

And there are plenty of raised voices out there. Voices cutting through the din of pixels and pings that is the Internet, a constant, ever-changing hive of new music, new bands and new ideas. This is new era of rock:

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